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redmusichead online mixing is an award-winning mix service that produces high quality, radio-ready mixes. The man behind the curtain is Dallas-based mix engineer and music producer, Scott Ayers, a veteran in the industry. redmusichead online mixing offers straightforward, flat rate music album mix services, as well as mixing and sound design for documentaries and short films, and recording. Scott is certified as a Pro Tools Operator.
Working on the SSL4000

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“I’ve had the opportunity to have Scott mix multiple projects of mine. Each time I’m blown away with how great the records sound. His professionalism, love for music and attention to detail is what makes him successful at his craft.”
-Josh Walker, Producer, Composer, Musician

“Scott is a genuine, hard-working talent I was privileged to collaborate with on my album. This guy has quite the ear, and his dedication and passion for my project made this particular piece of work something I’m extremely proud of.”
-Cameron Ernst, Singer/Songwriter

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